Brushed or Brushless — Which is Better?

Confused about whether to get a brushed drill or a brushless drill? Don’t worry in this article we will discuss just that.


Brushless vs Brushed Drill

What is the difference between brushless and brushed motors?

There is one major difference between brushless and brushed motors: brushless is more efficient and uses less power. Brushed motors cost less and use more battery, whereas brushless motors cost more, last longer and use less battery.

What is the advantage of using a brushless drill?

The main advantages of Brushless Drills are that they last longer, require less maintenance, and use less battery. Amid all those benefits, you cannot overlook the major disadvantage: brushless drills cost more compared to brushed drills.

To summarize, brushless drills are better than brushed drills in terms of efficiency, maintenance, and battery usage. Brushed motors cost less than brushless motors. Our recommendation is to choose a brushless drill unless cost is a major factor. If you need a new cordless drill be sure to check out our top picks for the best cordless drill.

Hammer Drill

DeWALT DCD785C2 20V Max — Read This Review Before Purchasing

The DeWalt DCD785C2 20V Max is a power hammer drill that has surprising power for its price. We found this tool an excellent choice in terms of power only. This drill is only 20V 1.5 Ah, but it is surprisingly powerful for its and drilled through wood, concrete and even steel using the hammer drill mode.

Using the hammer drill mode on this cordless drill makes that battery run out very quickly. The two batteries supplied are not extraordinary either, but they do charge in only 30 minutes which makes switching between them pretty easy. There is also a lack of an LED light to indicate the charge level of the battery.


Although we have not experienced it ourselves, a lot of customers have reported a chuck wobble in this particular model. Overall, we found this drill is good for power but not much else. Pick the best hammer drill by reading our take on the latest hammer drills & hammer drill reviews.

If you’re looking for a new cordless drill, be sure to check out our article on the best cordless drill.


DeWALT DCD771C2 20V Max Cordless Drill Review

The DeWalt DCD771C2 20V Max is a cordless brushless drill. Brushless drills provide more run time and better battery life when compared to their brushed counterparts. This particular drill motor delivers up to 57% more run time and boosts battery capacity by 33% when compared to the brushed version. This drill made our list of top cordless drills for being the best cordless drill for the money.


Drill Info

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The Li-ion batteries supplied with the drill last a long time. Even with the LED light it provided us with an entire days’ worth of intensive work without a recharge.

Its LED lamp is located at its base and lights up well. It turns on at startup and goes off after 20 seconds. It also features an “LED Spotlight Mode” which shuts off after 20 minutes. This is great if you’re working in a dark space.

The DeWALT comfort grip gives this drill a nice feel and it is easy to control.


So, if you are looking for a compact lightweight and DIY drill, then this drill will hit the mark. It would be a shame to only use it for an occasional DIY, as it is a real professional tool. Be sure to check out our other cordless drill reviews before making a decision.

Hammer Drill

DeWALT DCD996B Hammer Drill Review

Those who are accustomed to low powered drills will immediately feel the difference with the DEWALT DCD996B hammer drill.

This drill runs on a single 20V Li-Ion battery and a brushless motor. The brushless motor and the high capacity battery delivers 57% more battery life than its brushed counterparts.


Drill Info

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We found this drill powerful, easy to use and comfortable. The DCD996B weighs only 4 pounds despite of its high capacity battery.

The 3-Mode LED light with time delay is handy for dark places. Its battery lasts a very long time, we managed to get a full day of work in with this drill. That is over 8 hours of intensive work and the charge is exhausted to only half. With normal usage conditions, it is well possible that the battery would last a week without recharging. The battery also recharges in less than an hour, so, you can count on the second supplied battery while the first recharges.

The DEWALT DCD996B has a three speed transmission for fast application speeds. Using a high quality drill bit in combination with this drill makes it pass through conrete and brick like it was butter.

More Information

We have not found any problems with this drill overall, however, there have been a few reports about the chuck locking up after heavy usage. Need a new hammer drill? Check out our latest hammer drill reviews.

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Hammer Drill

DeWALT DCD795D2 Hammer Drill Review

The DeWALT brand is known for its high quality drills and the DeWALT DCD795D2 20V MAX XR is no exception. This cordless hammer drill is light and compact, making it ideal for working in enclosed spaces.


Drill Info

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This drill has an extended battery life and is top of its class in comparison to other cordless drills. It comes packed in a plastic case and two batteries are included.

The DCD795D2 can switch between drill and hammer mode, making it a versatile drill good for drilling into all materials.

The drill mode can be used for softer surfaces like wood, while the hammer can be used for harder surface like metal.

It comes with an ergonomic grip and because of its lightweight design, it is easy to reach inaccessible places.

Final Thoughts

We give this drill an A+ due to its light compact design, power, and long battery life. Need a new hammer drill? Check out our article on the top-rated hammer drills.