Impact Wrench

Electric Impact Wrench or Air — Which Is Better?

Impact wrenches are mainly used in automotive shops to loosen tight wheel nuts. These are usually pneumatic impact wrenches that work with compressed air. A compressed air motor drives the working spindle either via a mechanical impact device or via an oil circulation device. On the other hand, there are also impact wrenches with an electric function. Here, the working spindle is driven by an electric motor via a striking mechanism. A special feature is that there are also models that are operated with the help of a rechargeable battery.

Electric Impact vs Air

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Compressed Air Impact Wrench


There are also air impact wrenches for home use, which are smaller and can be purchased for a bargain. A compressed air impact wrench requires compressed air, which is usually generated by an air compressor. Thus, it is often necessary to purchase a more expensive compressor or purchase a special torque wrench in order to be able to use the impact wrench effectively. It is also advantageous that there is no maximum duty cycle and thus hours long work is guaranteed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Impact Wrench

Electric impact wrenches can be found mainly in households, as they can be used very well. However, these are often not satisfactory from the performance and are not suitable, for example, for industrial automotive use. The area of application of these electric impact wrenches is thus relatively small.

However, there are also large models, which, depending on the design, even achieve a higher performance than air impact wrenches. However, these are very expensive and can therefore be found mainly in workshops.


In addition, there are also impact wrenches that work with a rechargeable battery. They are portable and handy, I keep one in the trunk of my car. Depending on the type of model, these can also perform very well. The greatest advantage of such a device is its mobility, because the cordless impact wrench does not need a connection and is therefore not dependent on a fixed location.


Each type of impact wrench has its advantages and disadvantages. So you need to be aware of what use you have for the impact wrench. If you need it for smaller work, it is better to use an electric impact wrench because of the mobility and handiness. Compressed air impact wrenches, on the other hand, are more suitable for larger work in workshops. However, for heavy-duty work, such as the loosening of wheel nuts, a model with sufficient power is always required, whether compressed air or electric impact wrench.


Cordless drill: what is a spindle lock?

Spindle locks lock the chuck so one can change the bits safely. When the lock is engaged the chuck screwdriver or drill bit cannot move.

Most modern drills automatically lock the chuck when the variable speed trigger is released.

Some models have a manual spindle lock. The lock is the middle position of the forward/reverse switch.

When should you use the spindle lock?

Use the Spindle Lock when Inserting or Removing Drill Bits

The spindle lock is usually used when inserting or removing drill bits to prevent injury to the user.

Use the Spindle Lock when Manually Loosening or Tightening Screws

A spindle lock can also be used to use the cordless drill like a screwdriver. With the spindle locked firmly in place, the user can use the drill like a manual screwdriver.


10 Best Jigsaws in 2021 | Jigsaw Reviews, Pros & Cons

A jigsaw is a specialized saw for making curved, and intricate cuts. The saw consists of a handle, a narrow blade, and a motor. The motor drives the narrow blade in an up and down motion to make precise and clean cuts in wood and other materials.

Are you wondering how to pick the Best Jigsaw? If you’ve checked online for jigsaws, you might have realized that there are dozens of different brands and models of them. So how do you find the best! Don’t worry in this article we will discuss just that.

Table of Contents

Best Jigsaw

Here is a list of the best jigsaws:

1. DEWALT DCS331B 20V MAX Jigsaw


  • Quick release blade changes
  • 4 position orbital action
  • All metal keyless shoe bevel
Pros Cons
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Grip feels Good
  • Variable Speed
  • Cordless and Quick Release Blades
  • Dust Blower useful for making accurate cuts
  • Batteries are Expensive

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2. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jigsaw, 5.0-Amp


  • 5 Amp variable-speed motor
  • Adjustable shoe for stability
  • Dust Blower
  • Wire Guard
  • Keyless Blade Clamp
Pros Cons
  • Variable Speed Switch
  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Blade changes are simple
  • Accepts both t-shank and u-shank blades
  • Cuts are precise
  • Lock on button is a bit stiff but otherwise no issues

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3. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jigsaw


  • 7 position speed dial
  • 6 amp motor
  • 4 orbital settings
  • Lock-on button
  • Tool free blade change
Pros Cons
  • Price to performance ratio is good
  • Multiple speeds
  • Orbital settings
  • Good Value for the Price
  • Simple to Use
  • Powerful Motor
  • No case

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4. TACKLIFE PJS02A Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED


  • Laser guides for increased visibility and precise cutting
  • 6.7 Amp pure copper motor
  • Adjustable aluminum footplate
  • Bevels up to 45 degree in both directions for tangent, beveled and curved cuts
  • Came with a case + lots of extra features such as led light and laser guide line
Pros Cons
  • Variable speed
  • Price
  • Accurate
  • Powerful
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Felt too fast, even on its lowest speed

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5. Bosch JS470EB 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jigsaw


  • Tool free blade changes
  • 7.0 amp motor
  • 3,100 SPM
  • Variable Speed Dial
  • Soft-grip handle
Pros Cons
  • Great for people with big hands
  • Decent Price
  • Blades are easy to change
  • Accurate
  • Heavy
  • No Light
  • Sucks for people with small hands

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6. BLACK+DECKER LPS7000 Lithium-Ion Compact Jigsaw


  • Keyless blade change
  • LED work light
Pros Cons
  • Strong motor
  • LED light is nice
  • Strong for its size and weight
  • Blade is easy to change
  • Low Battery Life

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

7. TECCPO TAJS01P Professional Jigsaw with Laser Guide


  • Sound is minimal in comparison to other models
  • Laser beam is useful
  • High quality for the price
  • Bevel cutting from 0 to 45 degrees
  • 6 speed settings
Pros Cons
  • Speed is adjustable
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Dust extraction
  • Laser guide is helpful
  • The chip blower keeps work area clean
  • Difficult to remove the blade

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8. Ryobi One+ P5231 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Orbital T-Shaped Jigsaw


  • Variable speed trigger
  • Dust Blower
  • LED Light for increase Visibility
  • Trigger Lock
Pros Cons
  • Comfortable grip, feels right while you’re working
  • Speed Selector worked well
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to Use

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9. Makita Xvj03Z 18V Lxt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jigsaw


  • Up to 2600 SPM
  • 3 Orbital settings
  • Easy Blade Change System
  • Large 2 finger variable speed trigger
Pros Cons
  • Easy to Control
  • Variable Speeds
  • Large Trigger
  • LED Light helps with visibility
  • Noisy

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

10. DEWALT DCS334B 20V Max Brushless Jigsaw


  • Brushless motor for increased tool life span
  • Compact Size
  • Bright LED light
  • Variable Speed Trigger
Pros Cons
  • Nice Compact Size
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Speed Control
  • Easy to Install Blades
  • LED Light helps with Visibility
  • Battery life sucks

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10 Best Tile Saws in 2021 | Reviews, Pros & Cons

In this article, we will review the best tile saws in the market. In total, we reviewed 10 tile cutting saws from leading brands. Use our tile saw comparisons to find the pros and cons of each model, and what you should pay attention to when purchasing a tile saw. Finding the best one will depends on many factors. The most important is to choose one right for the type of tile you have.Table of Contents

Best Tile Saws

Below you’ll find our list of best tile saws. Since tiles vary in thickness, remember to choose one with the right amount of power for your work.Here is a list of the best tile saws:

1. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System


  • Best Tile Saw for the Money
  • Durable, Rust-Resistant Aluminum Table Top
  • Adjustable rip fence
  • Bevel cuts tile at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees
Pros Cons
  • plastic body is very strong
  • easy to clean
  • guide locks well
  • engraved rulers are accurate
  • quiet motor
  • cuts are very smooth
  • clamping is too weak
  • fence is difficult to adjust

2. DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand


  • Best Tile Saw Overall
  • Adjustable for making 22.5 degree and 45 degree miter cuts
  • High Quality Aluminum Frame and Stainless Steel Rails
  • Compact saw frame allows for easy transport
Pros Cons
  • Locking guide allows Precise, Repeatable Angle Cuts and Rips
  • Powerful Motor
  • Plunge feature is Useful
  • Very Accurate
  • Loud

3. QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw, 4-Inch


  • Plastic frame prevents rust and corrosion
  • Portable design
  • Hinged Cutting Table
  • Adjustable for making 22.5 degree and 45 degree miter cuts
Pros Cons
  • Price is excellent; cheaper than renting
  • Effective Splash Guard
  • Simple & Accurate Rip Guide
  • Precise Cuts
  • Consistent Cuts
  • Saw cuts slowly
  • Instructions weren’t great

4. DEWALT DWC860W 4-3/8-Inch Wet/Dry Masonry Saw


  • 10.8 AMP Motor
  • 4-3/8-inch Diamond Blade Included
  • Bevels to 45 Degrees for Quick Angled Cuts
  • Lock-on Button for Longer Cuts
  • Ergonomic Design and Comfortable Handle
Pros Cons
  • Good cuts with smooth edges
  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Ergonomically Built
  • Lock-on button is useful
  • Hard to find anything wrong with this model

5. Milwaukee 2522-20 M12 FUEL 3-Inch Compact Cut Off Tool


  • Reversible Blade Rotation Gives Doubles the Life of Blade
  • Brushless Motor For Increased Tool Lifespan
  • Speed: 20,000 RPM
Pros Cons
  • Excellent power
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Reversible Blade Rotation
  • Brushless Motor
  • Lightweight
  • Difficult to get shoe on and off

6. Roberts 17076 10-46 6-Inch Jamb Saw with Case


  • 900-watt Industrial Grade motor
  • Includes 6-3/16-inch Carbide-Tipped Blades
  • Precision Height Adjustment
  • 5-4/5-amp motor
Pros Cons
  • Precise Cuts
  • Excellent Price to Performance Ratio
  • Adjustable Cutting Depth
  • Easy to Operate
  • Noisy

7. Nova 71118 Comet II – Midi Lathe Flexible Woodworking System, 12”, Powerful Electronic 3/4 HP variable speed


  • Variable speed between 250 – 4000RPM
  • Forward and Reverse Switch works Great
  • 5 Year full replacement on everything except the motor
  • 1 Year full replacement on motor
Pros Cons
  • Variable Speed
  • Good Quality
  • Quiet Operation
  • Instructions are good for a change
  • Reverse Function is Useful for Sanding
  • Short Tail Stock Quill
  • Tool Rest is Small

8. MK Diamond 157222 MK-170 1/3-Horsepower 7-Inch Bench Wet Tile Saw


  • Includes 7-inch diamond blade
  • Speed of 5500 rpm
  • 1/3-HP engine
  • Lightweight at only 15 pounds
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Pros Cons
  • Powerful enough for most applications
  • Very Lightweight and Portable
  • Had no issues cutting through Marble and Granite Tiles
  • Decent Cuts
  • Water makes a mess
  • Small Tightening Knob
  • Flimsy Plastic Fence

9. MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw

  • Lightweight and portable tile saw
  • Built in 45 degree miter system
  • Good for Plunge Cuts
Pros Cons
  • Very Accurate
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move
  • Easy to Setup
  • Strong motor
  • Easy to clean in comparison to other models
  • Pump fades overtime

10. MK Diamond 169612 New MK-101-24 1-1/2 HP 10-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw


  • High Quality Cast-Aluminum Design
  • Multi Position Motor
  • Water Distribution System to Supply Water to Both Sides of the Blade
Pros Cons
  • Pump is Good
  • Easy to Make Angled Cuts
  • Excellent Build Quality Overall
  • Makes a mess while cutting
Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor Oil | What Kind Of Oil Should I Use For My Air Compressor? | Best Oil For Air Compressor

In this article, we will go over what kind of oil to use for an air compressor. Air compressors are amazing to have around, however, you may have realized that they are not a maintenance free tool. Oil is needed for many air compressors to run properly.


Do you need oil for an air compressor?

Oil lubricates the inside of the machinery to keep everything running smoothly. Not all air compressors use oil. Air compressors that require oil are generally shop compressors with higher duty cycles. Many small air compressors in the 12-volt range and other models don’t require oil. Thus, to keep the air compressor working as it should, you will need the right type of oil. However, some do, and the oil you put inside the air compressor allows it to run at full efficiency.

Regularly oiled compressors tend to last longer than oilless air compressors.

Air compressors which don’t require oil are limited CFM. These air compressors typically have a CFM of between 2 and 5 CFM. These air compressors are pre-lubricated at the factory level with a non-stick type material used to coat the parts of the compressor. These types of air compressors cannot be lubricated and thus fail more quickly. This is because the inner components are subject to more wear and tear

Most air compressors need oil and are chosen for their long-lasting life. Maintenance of air compressors is simple, all you need is the best air compressor oil and refill into from time to time.

Types of Air Compressor Oils

Not all oils are equal. Air compressor oil is different from the type of oil that you find in your car and the type that you cook with. Car oils, for example, contain ingredients that can harm your air compressor. Compressor oils are made from a different type of mix than you would find in car oils or cooking oils.

You can use any detergent free 20 weight or 30 weight standard oil if there is no specified type. Synthetic and standard non detergent oils are two types of oils that are used in air compressors. You should always follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer.

Certain types of oils are made specifically for air compressors. The type of oil matters if you want to find the best air compressor oil. They are designed for daily use and industrial commercial work in your local machine shop or job site. Below you will find more information on the best oil to use for an air compressor.

Where to Buy Oil for Air Compressors

You can find it pretty easily, however, many stores will not have a good air compressor oil selection. Auto part stores and most hardware stores will have air compressor oil. We recommend buying oil online from Amazon because of the massive selection of different brands and types of oils.

Synthetic vs Standard Lubricants for Air Compressor Oils

Rather than an oil base, synthetically based air compressor oils are created using a synthetic base. Mineral oil-based and synthetic base are two ways compressor oils can be made. More processing is put into synthetic oils which are refined to use for air compressors. Synthetic and mineral oil base can be used for air compressors, however, as we mentioned before it is best to go with the type your air compressor manufacturer recommends.

Compressors can perform better using synthetic rather than standard-based oil. Some manufacturers will recommend synthetic air compressor oils for air compressors. Synthetic oils lack the compounds found in the mineral oil base which cause less carbon build-up when compared to standard oils.

When to Change Air Compressor Oil

Damage can result if you leave the oil to sit for too long. Again, manufacturers will typically have specific guidelines for oil changes and recommended timing for oil changes. But these are general rules for air compressor oil changes.

Reciprocating and rotary air compressors are two types of compressors that use oil. If you do not get much use out of your air compressor, you should still change the oil every 8 to 12 months. Oil changes are recommended every 700-800 hours for reciprocating air compressors, whereas rotary air compressors only require changes every 7000-8000 hours. The more you use it, the more you should replace the oil.

How much oil is needed?

Unplug, drain and refill are the three steps you need to change air compressor oil. The amount of oil needed depends on the size of your air compressor. Smaller air compressors, for example, will need less oil than larger air compressors. A few ounces of oil is generally all that is needed for most oil compressors.

Can you use motor oil?

Some motor oils can be used for air compressors, but keep in mind that you’ll need one without detergents. Detergents help keep the engine free of harmful matter by carrying it to the oil filter. Sounds great, right? However, oil filters are not commonly found on air compressors. So it’s a bad idea to take these harmful particles to go into the compressor itself. Thus it is recommended to use a nondetergent compressor oil.

Air Compressor Oil Buying Guide

What should and shouldn’t be used depends on what type of air compressor oil the manufacturer recommends. These are the common recommendations. The guidelines will include specific oil for good performance and which type of air compressor oil is the best. These are the guidelines you will need to follow for air compressor machines:

Viscosity Oil

What is viscosity? The most important measure for compressor oil is viscosity. The texture of the oil, also known as the weight of the oil, is known as the viscosity. A lower viscosity means that the oil is thinner whereas a higher amount of viscosity means that the oil is thicker. Typical ranges for air compressor oils range between 20 and 30. Depending on the oil you may see different abbreviations. Choosing an oil that is too thick or too thin will cause damage to your air compressor, thus it is important to choose the right type of oil for your compressor. You’ll also find some oils measured in ISO scale which you will need to find the corresponding SAE weight. For example, oil could be called 20 weight or SAE 20.

Compressor Oil Additives

Many commercial types of detergent air compressor oil additives will help the engine run smoother. Additives help prevent corrosion and rust.

Temperature Range

A compressor which produces lots of heat while needing an oil that is best for that temperature range. Compressors can give off a lot of heat, which should also be considered. Oils can act differently in freezing or high temperatures. The normal temperature range will be labeled on the packaging itself. The temperature range is another important consideration for choosing the best air compressor oil. Oils which have a certain viscosity may not work with your air compressor as some compressor oils will not operate at the same temperature.

What Oil Brand Should I buy?

Just ensure that the manufacturer recommendations match the type of oil you get. The brand can be matched just to keep things simple, however, the most important thing remains to follow the manufacturer guidelines for oil. The brand should not matter too much when buying oil.

Avoid Using Air Compressor For Extended Periods of Time

When the compressor heats up and operates at extreme temperatures for long periods of time, then premature oil failure can occur. To stop premature oil failure, you can take some steps to avoid this from happening. The main thing is to avoid using the air compressor for long periods of time without stopping. This will prevent premature oil failure from occurring.

What to Do if You Have an Air Compressor Oil Leak

If oil is leaking inside or outside of the compressor then oil might be leaking from your air compressor. When you use oil viscosity which is too low, then it may not work properly with the motor. If you have the wrong kind of air compressor oil then it may not work properly with the motor.

Expulsion of Oil from The Outtake

If the oil return line is clogged or not large enough is probably the reason for oil being blown from the outtake of an air compressor. This is because of oil not being returned to the tank — the air compressor oil is sent to the crankcase in place of the tank. When oil is sent to the crank case, it can be blown out from the outtake.

Oil Overfill: What to do when you overfilled the oil in your air compressor.

If you think the tank is overfilled, then the best thing to do is to drain it and waste some oil rather than risk damaging your air compressor. Locate the drain plug to drain the oil. Drain plugs are found on air compressors and allows one to empty the oil from the holding tank.

What to Do When Oil is In the Air Compressor Lines

Oil can sometimes make its way into the pump of the compressor, usually this is nothing to worry about if it is only a small amount. Oil that has gotten into the lines is if their is a problem with the compressor pump. A lot of oil coming out of the air lines, however, indicates a problem with the pump of the air compressor. As part of their motors, air compressors have oil separators which functions to keep oil out of the lines, but if there is an issue with the separator than large amounts of oil might get into the air lines.

How do I know when to add oil to my compressor?

To check if your oil is low use the dipstick to check the oil levels on your air compressor. If your air compressor is low on oil, you will hear it make more noise or notice the temperature rising more than is typical. Unless you recently changed the oil on your compressor, instead of topping it up, you’ll want to change it altogether.


Dewalt USA Popularity | How Popular is Dewalt in the United States?

When searching for the best cordless drill in the USA, you’ll no doubt see the brand DeWalt appear many times. They are the most popular brand of power tools in America.

Where is DeWalt the most popular?

According to search data from Google, DeWalt seems to be the most popular in the following 5 US States:

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Iowa
  • Alaska
  • Montana


DeWalt Interest by Sub-Region United States of America (July 2018 – July 2019)

The chart shows that most searches for DeWalt in USA are made in the states of North Dakota and South Dakota. With Iowa, Alaska and Montana following closely behind.


Skil 5280 15 Amp Circular Saw

Skil 5280 15 Amp Circular Saw Review

This is a remarkable corded circular saw from Skill. It has a nice compact size which makes for smooth cuts. It’s pretty lightweight, but it isn’t the lightest model out there. It comes with a laser guide that ensures that your cuts are straight and precise.


It’s fun to use and the high-quality blade makes precise cuts. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle and operate with one hand. Only significant issues were the length of the power cord, and we found it to be too short, so we had to pull out an extension cord to get it to where we needed it. Other than that, it is excellent for powerful and accurate cuts.

The small compact, ergonomic design makes one-handed cuts easy. Compared to other models, this one lacks an electronic safety break. The depth adjustment mechanism is excellent, and there’s a built in-depth guide. The whole was easy to set up and assemble too. In addition, the price is affordable, and the depth adjustment mechanism is easy to control. Furthermore, we found it to be relatively lightweight; however, this isn’t the lightest of circular saws.

The laser guide is a nice value add, and we found it great for making sure the cut is on the line. The laser is super easy to see. The price is very affordable when compared to high-end saws, yet it still offers good performance, high-quality blade, powerful motor, ergonomic design, laser guide, and overall, it’s very smooth to operate.

The price to performance ratio, when compared to other circular saws, is excellent. It’s light too, but not the lightest circular saw we have reviewed. Overall though, it provides excellent value for the money.


Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Wood Router

Features & Benefits

  • 25 HP Motor
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Dual LED Light
  • Spindle lock button
  • Soft start


The variable speed is useful, and there are lots of settings for power for all needs. Great for making accurate cuts. Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use with one hand. It’s very quiet compared to other routers. Gives very precise cuts. LED Light is awesome! Makes it really easy to follow the lines. Even though it’s a compact router, we find it great for everyday work.

Very smooth operation and precise cuts. One really useful feature is the ability to set the stop point. And, the depth adjustment is very straight forward and easy to use. Excellent tool overall and great quality for the price.

The LED light is well positioned and provides good visibility while working. Ergonomic design feels comfortable in your hand. High-quality router but we had some kickback when we hit knots in hardwoods. All in all though, its an excellent router for the price.


DeWALT DW616 Fixed Base Wood Router

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets
  • Flat Top For Easy Bit and Depth Changes
  • Fine Adjustments in 1/64″ increments


This is a heavy, stable, and powerful router from DeWALT. The DW616 is very powerful and its a piece of cake to cut through even cross grain portions. The starting torque is difficult to control due to the position of the router switch. Because the switch is in a bad place for this router, we needed to take our hand off the grip to turn it on and off.

Overall, in terms of power, it’s exceptional, and you can make it to do anything you need it to do. Changing from base to base on this one is harder than the Bosch, but after a while, you get used to it. It has excellent overall versatility.

The only bad thing is that it has a small power cord, so you’re going to need an extension cord if your outlet is far away.


Bosch 1617EVSPK Combination Plunge- and Fixed-Base Router


  • Combination router: plunge and fixed
  • 12 Amp Motor
  • Adjustable speed settings

The Bosch 1617EVSPK can be used as both a plunged router and a fixed base. Plunge base on this one is very precise, and it accurately set any depth within 1/64th inch increments. The fixed base handle is good and will be comfortable even if you have large hands. The case is plastic, but it fits everything well. It’s a great router overall, and its excellent for one-handed operation.

The large diameter of the plate is suitable for routing with more stability. The fine tune adjustment is excellent on this router. It has a good plunge stop. Can be used as both a plunge router and a fixed. Very high-quality build and performance is great. The price is great for its features, weight, and power.

The soft start feature comes standard on this one and makes things safer for handheld operation. It’s quiet too. Low vibration, and not a lot of noise while using it. The case is suitable for storing the unit. Easy to switch the motor between the plunged base and fixed base. Came in a huge box and a massive carry case which is good for storage. Smooth spinning on this router without the vibration. Buttons are easy to reach, and overall usability is great.

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