Can you Use a Cordless Screwdriver as a Drill?

Confused about whether you can use a cordless screwdriver like a drill? Don’t worry, we will answer this question below.


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Cordless Screwdriver for Drilling

Can a cordless screwdriver be used as a drill?

A cordless screwdriver can be used as a drill if you’re drilling through low density woods such as fir, pine and cedar. They can also be used for drilling through plywood and particle board. To drill using a cordless screwdriver, you need a cordless screwdriver that is at least 4 volts. Most decent cordless screwdrivers in the 4 volt range will give enough torque for drilling into low density wood. For hardwoods such as oak, maple, and walnut, you will need a cordless drill, since the drilling capacity of a cordless screwdriver is limited.


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