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DEWALT DCF887B 3-Speed Impact Driver Review


This was our #1 pick for Best Impact Driver. This DeWalt impact driver is seriously powerful. This thing can drive 4-inch screws into pressure treated wood like its nothing. This model really stands out from the cordless drivers we reviewed for many reasons. Good battery life and a lot of power. Went the entire day without having to charge the battery. It also impact removes nuts and bolts like its nothing.

DEWALT DCF887B 3-Speed Impact Driver


You get three LED lights with this bad boy. Compared to all of the other top-rated impact drivers in the market, this 3-speed 1/4″ impact driver is the best of the best. We love it! It comes with two 20v (18v nominal) DeWALT batteries if you get the kit, which is super useful even though the battery life is excellent, you could probably give the other battery to your friend! I’m sure they’ll love you for it.

Okay, I know what you’re saying, three LED lights?! Won’t the battery run out quickly? Nope, the batteries on this 20v impact Dewalt driver last a really long time. A single charge lasted us a full 8-hour day on the job. It’s a nice compact driver, it’s powerful, and the battery is decent. Really did not struggle to do any job with this. It comes with a pretty nifty case too! It’s a lot of fun to use.

The DeWALT brand is trusted by many. Unlike other DeWalt cordless tools, this one was made in China, so beware of that if you like to buy USA only products. Very sad, as DeWALT brands itself as USA manufacturing, but it’s still a great product. And, for peace of mind, this 20v impact brushless motor driver also comes with a standard 3-year Dewalt warranty. There is also the option to buy the 20v Max Impact Drill and Driver Combo Kit, which comes with two batteries, 20v battery charger, drill, and driver.


Overall, I’m really happy with this product. This truly is the best impact driver. If you’re going to buy one impact driver, this is the one. This really is a step up from all the other options in the market today.

Impact Driver

Porter Cable PCC640B Impact Driver

You will find our review of the Porter Cable PCC640B Impact Driver below.



  • 1,495 in-lbs of torque
  • 2,900 RPM
  • 3,100 BPM
  • Quick load chuck
  • Battery level indicator
  • LED light for increased work visibility

Porter Cable PCC640B Impact Driver Review

We found the balance and ergonomic design perfect on the cordless impact driver from Porter Cable. It has a battery level indicator which many brands cheap out on it seems, so it’s a nice change from Porter Cable. The battery life isn’t the greatest actually, but it’ll do the job. Did well to drive some 4″ long screws we had laying around. Great power but this driver uses a brushed motor (see the difference between brushed impact vs non brushed impact) which is a major disadvantage to the long term lifespan of the tool. The LED light is bright and powerful, it comes on when you squeeze the trigger on the impact. Works well to drive large lag bolts. Has enough torque to remove the lug nuts off my girls car. All in all, it does the job but the two major cons to this driver is the brushed motor and the short battery life. We give it 3 stars overall. Looking for the best impact driver? See our impact driver reviews & best rated impact drivers.

Impact Driver

NoCry 20V Cordless Impact Driver



  • 300 ft-lb of loosening torque
  • 260 ft-lb fastening torque. Along with the tool itself, you will get
  • Include one 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, a belt clip, fast charger, and a carrying case.
  • 2700 max IPM
  • 1/2in detent anvil
  • 2200 rpms
  • 4-year limited warranty

NoCry 20V Cordless Impact Driver Review

The NoCry 20V Cordless Impact Driver works well for lug nuts, bolts and large screws. Compared to an air impact, it performed just as well to take lug nuts off our truck. A very powerful impact overall. Highly recommended impact driver for the price it offers unbeatable value. This impact works well for home automotive projects.

Comes with a carrying case, product manual, belt clip and a single battery. You’ll be able to take care of wheel lug nuts like they’re nothing with this durable and powerful NoCry impact driver. It’s a great buy and a quality driver. Used it on the girlfriend’s car to tighten the nuts up to the 110 ft-lb spec with no issue. This thing is a great for home automotive, it’s no Milwaukee, but for the price, it’s a hell of a good deal. All in all, it packs power and performance for an unbeatable value.

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Impact Driver

Hitachi WH18DBDL2P4 Impact Driver

Below you will find our review on the Hitachi WH18DBDL2P4 Impact Driver.



  • 4 Speed Brushless Motor
  • 1,832 in lbs of turning torque
  • 18 Volt Battery
  • Up to 4,000 BPM
  • Up to 2,900 RPM

Hitachi WH18DBDL2P4 Impact Driver Review

Drives fast, like the bigger name brands, but at a lower price. Charged fully in 30 minutes and the included 3 amp battery lasted us the entire day. With 3000RPM, 4000BPM and 1832 in lbs of torque, it drives screws and lag bolts like it’s nothing. Features an LED light that turns on when the trigger is pulled, which makes it easier to see while you’re working.

It has a lightweight design and an ergonomic grip. It feel great in your hands.

Four different speeds come in handy for all different tasks. Variable torque setting is good for preventing stripping of screws.

Great battery life on this impact. Very light weight. Driving 4 inch lag bolts was easy with this light and compact impact driver.

Very surprised by this powerful impact. It combines price, power, and a compact size for excellent overall value.

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Impact Driver

What is the Difference Between a Cordless Drill and an Impact Driver?

Confused about the difference between a cordless drill and an impact driver? Don’t worry in this article we will discuss just that. If you’re wondering when to use an impact driver vs drill then you will find the answer to this question below.

Cordless Drill vs Impact Driver

What is the difference between cordless drills and impact drivers?

There is one major difference between cordless drills and impact drivers: impact drivers apply more torque than a standard cordless drill. Cordless drills are good for drilling holes and driving small screws, whereas impact drivers are better for tasks requiring high torque such as drilling through metal or pressure treated wood.

What is the advantage of using an impact driver?

The main advantages of Impact Drivers are that they make it easier to drive large fasteners, long screws, and make it easier to drill through harder materials. However, you cannot overlook the major disadvantage: impact drivers are not ideal for precise drilling. Cordless drills are better for drilling regular holes, driving small screws and more precise drilling.


To summarize, impact drivers are better than cordless drills for driving large fasteners, long screws, and tasks requiring high torque. Cordless drills are best suited for drilling holes, driving small screws and precise drilling. Choosing an impact driver vs drill is a choice made based on task you need to perform.

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