DeWalt DCD606 Battery Charger Compatibility

Which battery chargers work with DeWalt DCD606 battery?

The DeWalt 20V/60V MAX* Flexvolt Ah Battery DCD606 is compatible with the following DeWalt chargers:

  • DCB101
  • DCB102
  • DCB103
  • DCB107
  • DCB112
  • DCB113
  • DCB114
  • DCB115
  • DCB118
  • DCB132

How long does it take to charge a DeWalt DCD606 Flexvolt battery?

It depends on the type of charger you’re using. Approximate charging times can be found in the table below.

Charge Time for the DeWalt DCD606-2 Battery

Dewalt Charger Model #Time to Full Charge
DCB101100 minutes
DCB102100 minutes
DCB103100 minutes
DCB107272 minutes
DCB112170 minutes
DCB113140 minutes
DCB11590 minutes
DCB11860 minutes
DCB13290 minutes



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