DeWalt DCH133B Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by Tyra Miller

DeWalt is among one of the most well known tool brands in the world, but how does the DeWalt DCH133B hold up to its expectations? We tested it and have the latest results and information you need to know about this cordless rotary Hammer Drill. Below you’ll find our review for the DeWalt DCH133B.

DeWalt DCH133B Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill


The DeWalt DCH133B is a brushless cordless rotary hammer drill that delivers, on average, more powerful than corded models. If you’re used to low-powered cordless drills, then you’re in for a huge surprise. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also lightweight and inexpensive compared to other hammer drills.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized 2.6J mechanism provides faster than the corded speed of application
  • DEWALT electronics allow the tool to maintain speed through the entire application without bogging down even with the largest bits.
  • Durable German Engineered mechanism for long service life, even in the hardest concrete.
  • Compact size allows access to space-restricted areas.

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We were very satisfied with this drill overall. This isn’t your average hammer drill. The tool weighs only 5 lbs but it does an excellent job of breaking up concrete, brick, and stone.

Outstanding performance for a cordless model.

Battery Life

Here’s the deal, this drill is compatible with 20V max batteries you get with cordless drills and other DeWalt tools, but don’t expect to get very much power out of those 2 amp hour (aH) batteries.

Don get me wrong, it’s an excellent hammer drill in terms of power, but if you’re going to use some 2aH battery with this drill then forget using it at all.

You’re going to need at least a battery of 5aH or more, otherwise you’re just going to waste your time.

For longer jobs we definitely recommend going with the corded model instead of the cordless model. If you must cut the cord and still need long battery life, then consider buying a DeWalt Flexvolt 12aH battery which will allow you to use the tool for 2-3 times longer.

Using a 5aH battery we got about an hour of intense work done. I’d say it could easily last a full day of light usage or at least 2-3 hours of moderate usage.

Now that you know how long the battery lasts, you can choose accordingly between the corded and cordless versions.


Overall, it’s an excellent hammer drill for drilling into stone, concrete, masonry, brick, and other hard-to-drill-through materials. In terms of power, it surpasses most corded models in the same price range. If you’re considering purchasing this hammer drill then, we recommend using a battery of at least 5aH. For longer jobs, consider purchasing the corded model or a bigger battery.

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