Milwaukee 2415 Right-Angle Drill Review

Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by Tyra Miller

Below you will find our review of the Milwaukee 2415 Right Angle Drill.

Milwaukee 2415 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee 2415 Right Angle Drill


This is an awesome right-angle drill. Drills are clean and the LED light makes it easy to see in dark spaces. Easy to use drill + accurate drilling, but it’s not the cheapest of the right angle drill. We found the trigger to be very sensitive. The weight to power ratio is pretty well balanced.

Much better than their previous Ni-Cd version, this angle drill uses a Li-Ion battery. Turns screws great and the forward/reverse switch is pretty handy. The compact size makes it great for drilling in harder-to-reach and tight squeeze places that regular cordless drills cannot get into.

The drill is very heavy but other than that it feels very nice to hold and easy to use. The batteries are small and light and the clutch works great. Really well made. The motor gives plenty of power.

The battery life is good and they also charge quickly. Doing work in tight quarters is easy with this angle drill and compact battery. Want more right-angle drill reviews? See our article on the top-rated right angle drills for a full list.

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