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There are a lot of different models and brands of air compressors in the market today, so which is the best air compressor? You may have looked at Amazon for deals already, but you might be wondering with all the different choices for air compressors, how do you choose the best? Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss just that.

Best Air Compressor

Below you will find a list of best air compressors, so you can compare some of the top-rated models in the market today and make the right choice for you.

Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Air Compressor air compressor bostitch btfp02012 1 300x300 2

This Bostitch air compressor features a powerful motor. It’s easy to use, and it has a precise regulator. However, we found the pressure adjustment knob to be slow. The controls are easy to understand and simple to use. It features a flexible hybrid polymer design. This air compressor is perfect for nail guns, power nailers, impact guns, spray guns, impact wrenches, paint guns, blowing up tires and pretty much anything home use related. The 6 gallon capacity is plenty for home use. The gauges for this oil-free compressor are precise and easy to read. Pancake compressors are becoming more and more powerful, and this Bostitch air compressor is the cream of the crop. The build quality is impressive. The compressor is quiet and performs great. It’s lighter than other versions we compared it to. The pressure is good, and the 6-gallon tank is safe. It’s a compact 150 psi oil-free unit which is highly portable.

The product manual is short, simple, and to the point. The compressor doesn’t require much work to, and it works perfectly. It’s a high-pressure air compressor with a practical design. Overall, its a reliable, quiet, compact air compressor. I’ve never had to use the customer service for this particular company, however, reports indicate excellent customer service and warranty.

California Air Tools 8010 Air Compressor

2.california air tools air compressor 300x281 1

The first thing we noticed is how quiet this thing is. You can easily have a conversation in a normal voice standing next to it. The handle is a bit short, and that makes it less portable compared to other air compressors, however, the price was reasonable, and the build quality seems good. The output pressure regulator is simple to use, and our first impressions of this air compressor are good. It’s a small air compressor with a 1hp motor which allows for quiet usage. The motor got hot after some usage, but other than that, it’s great.

It has a small compact size, which makes it easy to store. The noise is minimal, and it fills fast. It has a very durable design, and you can’t go wrong with this air compressor from California Air Tools. The compact size is perfect, and all of the pieces seem high quality.

DeWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon Air Compressor

3.DEWALTDWFP55126 300x300 1

This 6.0 gallon 165 PSI pancake air compressor from DeWALT features a high-efficiency motor for easy start-up in cold weather, and a high flow regulator with couplers to maximize air tool performance. The compressor is good, and the tank pressure is adequate. It’s easy to use, and the compressor motor runs quietly. There were reports that this air compressor regulator varies quite a bit, however, we found it to be one of the most stable. The regulator is accurate, and pressure regulation is excellent. This is one of the best air compressors. The only bad thing was that the handle was loose, but we were able to fix that in a few seconds. It’s quiet, and the 6-gallon tank is plenty.

The manual and instructions are straightforward and simple to follow. DeWALT tools overall have been very dependable in our experience. This air compressor is worth the money, and it’s a pretty decent little air compressor. It’s cheap, and the sound is minimal. It’s easy to use and the 6 gallon 2.6 CFM is enough. Overall, the compressor is an excellent product and very reliable. The only issue was the loose screw, but that was easily fixable.

Porter-Cable C2002 Oil-Free Pancake Compressor

4.porter cable air compressor 300x300 1

This is an easy-to-use and portable pancake air compressor from Porter-Cable. The six-gallon pancake compressor delivers excellent performance and the two hose connection points are handy. The price is good, and the overall build quality is satisfactory. The knobs on this air compressor feel kind of cheap. It can be used for filling tires, nail guns, and other household air compressor tasks. This is not a quiet unit, though. It has a long hose, and the included accessory kit was handy, but the hose felt kind of cheap and low quality.

The compressor worked great for inflating tires, and the included accessory kit was handy. It comes with an extended high-pressure hose, and the compressor is well built overall. The hose feels a bit cheap, but it has a quiet operation, and the accessories that come with it are great. Very nice quiet overall build design.

It worked fantastically to pump up some tires quickly, but it’s a bit heavy and not as portable as Porter Cable claims it is. Obviously smaller than the Makita and quieter too. Plus it has an oil-free design. One of the worst things though is the short cable of 3 feet, so you’re going to need an extension cord. Other than that it is a very well-built air compressor and the regulator is accurate, and overall it’s easy to use.

Senco PC1010 1HP 1 Gallon Air Compressor

6.makitabigbore 300x300 1

This is a very compact and quiet air compressor from Senco. It’s easy to carry because of its lightweight design. Compared to other air compressors we tested, it’s extremely quiet. It’s a very sturdy and reliable tool, plus it’s small so its nice and easy to store.

We found the tank a bit too small for the tires on our truck, but it’ll work great for trim nailers. Best suited for small trim, cabinet jobs, and other home improvement tasks, but not the best choice for car tires and production framing nailers due to the small tank size. It’s a mini air compressor and it’s really quiet. Compared to the Porter-Cable it’s about half as loud, similar to California Air Tools.

It has a high-quality feel to it. It’s fast on recharge and the handle makes it easy to move around. If you don’t need a huge air compressor then this is a really good air compressor for the money. The price-to-performance ratio is good, giving it excellent overall value. If you want a mini air compressor that is lightweight and easy to carry, then you can’t go wrong with this compact air compressor.

It’s an excellent choice for DIY due to its lightweight, quiet, and easy-to-use design. Inexpensive and yet high-quality. This is a mini air tank though so it’s best for smaller jobs. Overall, it’s a very well-built air compressor. It’s quiet, high-quality, and lightweight, and the price is unbeatable.

Makita MAC700 Big Bore Compressor


The MAC700 is a remarkable compressor with unstoppable power. This is a heavy-duty large automotive-style industrial air compressor with an air filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency. It features a cast iron pump with a big bore cylinder and piston, combined with greater bore and stroke, delivering maximum performance.

It’s quite a bit noisier than the air compressors we reviewed above, but the difference in power is quite remarkable. The pressure gauge is nice, and it’s easy to read. It’s also heavier than the ones we reviewed above. It’s a very durable and sturdy tool. The setup was easy and straightforward to install. The fast recovery time and the build quality are excellent.

Installation was smooth, and maintenance seems basic. This is a very well-made tool, but again, it is heavy. The design is good, and it comes with excellent documentation. Very efficient, and the controls are easy. Very good quality and the pressure gauge is accurate. It’s a real beast, and our experience with this air compressor was good. The instructions are basic, and the construction quality is high. Overall fit is good, and this compressor works great. It’s not the quietest, but it’s powerful and delivers excellent value for the money.


This article was about the best air compressor. We went through some of the top-rated brands and models and reviewed them. If you have any questions, you can ask us below. Please share the article if it was helpful. Thanks!

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