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There are a lot of different models and brands of wood routers in the market today, so which is the best wood router? You may have looked at Amazon for deals already, but you might be wondering with all the choices for wood routers, how do you choose the best! Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss just that.

Best Wood Router

Below you’ll find a list of best wood router, so you can pick and compare the top models.

Bosch PR20EVSNK Variable Speed Palm Router Kit

bosch router kit


  • 5.6 Amp motor
  • 16,000-35,000 RPM
  • Fixed aluminum base
  • Precise Adjustment mechanism
  • Soft Start
  • Straight and Roller Edge Guides

The Bosch PR20EVS Colt variable-speed palm-grip router works great for edging. Precise, accurate, and twist lock coarse & fine adjust works well, which was essential for us. A really great tool from Bosch.

It has a nice weight, power adjustments and soft start are standard features on this one. This tool excels at edging tasks like coves, ogees, round overs, etc. Fine adjustments to cutter height are easy, and no tools are needed for depth adjustment.

It’s quiet compared to other routers we’ve used. Really great for a single hand router and its compact design is suitable for 1/4 inch bits. Setup is fast, and changing bases is a snap.

For adjustments, it’s easy, but we recommend keeping it clean and greasing the fine adjustment mechanism to keep it in top condition. The base is good for trimming in hard to reach areas.

Offset base has its own roller and bushing guide which is useful for stabilizing the router and preventing gouging. Also, it works well for accurate joins between two laminate paths. We liked using this, and it has an excellent adjustment mechanism. It has a high-quality aluminum base. It held its depth well without much wiggle or movement. We found the fine adjustment easy to operate.

It has quite extraordinary power for its compact size. Plus, it’s super easy to use. It has good power for its size. Ergonomically, it has a good feel to it aswell. Accuracy wise, it’s great. It’s powerful, and we got it for a great deal as well.

All in all, its a good tool for edge work like laminate trimming, round overs, and more.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK Combination Plunge- and Fixed-Base Router    dual wood router from bosch 


  • Combination router: plunge and fixed
  • 12 Amp Motor
  • Adjustable speed settings

The Bosch 1617EVSPK can be used as both a plunged router and a fixed base. Plunge base on this one is very precise, and it accurately set any depth within 1/64th inch increments. The fixed base handle is good and will be comfortable even if you have large hands. The case is plastic, but it fits everything well. It’s a great router overall, and its excellent for one-handed operation. The large diameter of the plate is suitable for routing with more stability. The fine tune adjustment is excellent on this router. It has a good plunge stop. Can be used as both a plunge router and a fixed. Very high-quality build and performance is great. The price is great for its features, weight, and power.

The soft start feature comes standard on this one and makes things safer for handheld operation. It’s quiet too. Low vibration, and not a lot of noise while using it. The case is suitable for storing the unit. Easy to switch the motor between the plunged base and fixed base. Came in a huge box and a massive carry case which is good for storage. Smooth spinning on this router without the vibration. Buttons are easy to reach, and overall usability is great.

Makita XTR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router

cordless compact wood router made by makita


  • Cordless
  • Brushless Motor
  • Soft Start
  • Electronic Speed Control 10,000 – 30,000 RPM
  • Aluminum Housing and Base

The XTR01Z delivers excellent power and visibility. The design is tall on this router, and it feels very top heavy. It does have plenty of power though and works well with other bases. We found it easy to maneuver. Very stable tool and easy to adjust, it allows for movements in small increments. Makita delivers good value for the price. It has a high-quality aluminum base. Depth adjustments are quick and precise.  You really can’t go wrong with this cordless Makita router. In terms of weight, its lightweight and its easy to handle.

Adjusting the depth bar on the plunge is easy. Plunging action is smooth, and the handle has a great ergonomic design. Going cordless is great, and no issues with the battery life either. In addition, it has a brushless motor, which is great for the overall life of the tool, and brushless tools also give better efficiency than brushed ones. The LED lights is great while working. Using the lights + fan increase visibility substantially while working. Very solid product coming from Makita.

DeWALT DW616 Fixed Base Wood Router

dewalt fixed wood router


  • Includes 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets
  • Flat Top For Easy Bit and Depth Changes
  • Fine Adjustments in 1/64″ increments

This is a heavy, stable, and powerful router from DeWALT. The DW616 is very powerful and its a piece of cake to cut through even cross grain portions. The starting torque is difficult to control due to the position of the router switch. Because the switch is in a bad place for this router, we needed to take our hand off the grip to turn it on and off.

Overall, in terms of power, it’s exceptional, and you can make it to do anything you need it to do. Changing from base to base on this one is harder than the Bosch, but after a while, you get used to it. It has excellent overall versatility.

The only bad thing is that it has a small power cord, so you’re going to need an extension cord if your outlet is far away.

Dewalt DWP611 Variable Speed Wood Router

dewalt variable wood router


  • 1.25 HP Motor
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Dual LED Light
  • Spindle lock button
  • Soft start

The variable speed is useful, and there are lots of settings for power for all needs. Great for making accurate cuts. Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use with one hand. It’s very quiet compared to other routers. Gives very precise cuts. LED Light is awesome! Makes it really easy to follow the lines. Even though it’s a compact router, we find it great for everyday work.

Very smooth operation and precise cuts. One really useful feature is the ability to set the stop point. And, the depth adjustment is very straight forward and easy to use. Excellent tool overall and great quality for the price.

The LED light is well positioned and provides good visibility while working. Ergonomic design feels comfortable in your hand. High-quality router but we had some kickback when we hit knots in hardwoods. All in all though, its an excellent router for the price.


This article was about the best wood router. We went through some of the top-rated wood routers in the market and reviewed them. If you have any questions, you can ask us below. Please share the article if it was helpful. Thanks!

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