Brushed or Brushless — Which is Better?

Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by Derek Bronso

Confused about whether to get a brushed drill or a brushless drill? Don’t worry in this article we will discuss just that. apron blur 374079 678x381 1

Brushless vs Brushed Drill

What is the difference between brushless and brushed motors?

There is one major difference between brushless and brushed motors: brushless is more efficient and uses less power. Brushed motors cost less and use more battery, whereas brushless motors cost more, last longer and use less battery.

What is the advantage of using a brushless drill?

The main advantages of Brushless Drills are that they last longer, require less maintenance, and use less battery. Amid all those benefits, you cannot overlook the major disadvantage: brushless drills cost more compared to brushed drills.

To summarize, brushless drills are better than brushed drills in terms of efficiency, maintenance, and battery usage. Brushed motors cost less than brushless motors. Our recommendation is to choose a brushless drill unless cost is a major factor. If you need a new cordless drill be sure to check out our top picks for the best cordless drill.

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