Skil 5280 15 Amp Circular Saw

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Skil 5280 15 Amp Circular Saw Review

This is a remarkable corded circular saw from Skill. It has a nice compact size which makes for smooth cuts. It’s pretty lightweight, but it isn’t the lightest model out there. It comes with a laser guide that ensures that your cuts are straight and precise.

Skil 5280 15 Amp Circular Saw

It’s fun to use and the high-quality blade makes precise cuts. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle and operate with one hand. Only significant issues were the length of the power cord, and we found it to be too short, so we had to pull out an extension cord to get it to where we needed it. Other than that, it is excellent for powerful and accurate cuts.

The small compact, ergonomic design makes one-handed cuts easy. Compared to other models, this one lacks an electronic safety break. The depth adjustment mechanism is excellent, and there’s a built in-depth guide. The whole was easy to set up and assemble too. In addition, the price is affordable, and the depth adjustment mechanism is easy to control. Furthermore, we found it to be relatively lightweight; however, this isn’t the lightest of circular saws.

The laser guide is a nice value add, and we found it great for making sure the cut is on the line. The laser is super easy to see. The price is very affordable when compared to high-end saws, yet it still offers good performance, high-quality blade, powerful motor, ergonomic design, laser guide, and overall, it’s very smooth to operate.

The price to performance ratio, when compared to other circular saws, is excellent. It’s light too, but not the lightest circular saw we have reviewed. Overall though, it provides excellent value for the money.

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